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Information about Ukraine
   Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe in terms of land mass and the third largest in terms of population. Its location places is in the axis-point between western Europe, Russia and the near-East, thus making its future crucial to all three. The map of Ukraine   Ukraine is rich in natural resources - fertile soil (chornozem), vast forests and substantial mineral deposits. The people of Ukraine are industrious and educated, and its culture millennia long. Still undergoing the stress of change from a planned, communist economic and political system to a pro-West, Democratic market economy, Ukraine has, so far, accomplished this Herculean task in the most peaceful, democratic way imaginable.
   For the tourist, Ukraine is among the most beautiful of all eastern European countries. The traveler marvels at the grandeur and majesty of the Carpathian Mountains with the area's rich folk artistry and craftsmanship. The map of the Crimea Lviv, with its strong Western influence in terms of architecture and lifestyle, never loses the small-town charm and friendliness. Odessa and the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea with their Mediterranean flavour and sub-tropical climate beckons to lovers of the sun, sea and lovely mountain lakes. The Crimea's mixture of Slavic, Roman, Tartar, Byzantine and Genoese influence is intriguing and surprising to the traveller. The mighty Dnipro River, recalling the power of the Cossack Host is ideally suited for a boat cruise immersed in culture, history and enjoyment. Beautiful golden-domed Kyiv, Ukraine's capital, Kiev. St.Michael's Gold-Domed Cathedral
offers a boundless variety of spectacular architecture, art, culture, entertainment and business opportunities. Kharkiv, in the east, is frequently referred to as the scientific and industrial centre of Ukraine. Chernihiv, in the north, is steeped in the 19th and 20th century history of Ukraine's struggle for independence. Volyn, with over 200 lakes and Sumy, with over 130 rivers beckons the sportsman and nature lover with a picturesque grace and beauty of its villages.

Kiev. Night Kreschatik    And everywhere you turn you will be surrounded by a friendly, hospitable people, an endless variety of music and songs, the flash and color of the world-renowned Ukrainian folk dance, and the tradition of the never-empty plate and cup.
   With all this to offer, Ukraine is among the best buys for the tourist, traveller or inquisitive, adventuresome vacationer. Most costs have not yet caught up to Western levels, and prices such as $5 (US) for a bottle of excellent champagne, $5 for a seat at the Opera and $20 for a work of art are still commonplace.